Ana Maria EcksteinAna Maria Eckstein began her musical education in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she earned a Master’s degree in piano performance and musical education.  She has studied piano performance with Poldi MildnerFrancisco Amicarelli, and Roberto Caamaño. In addition to solo piano performance, she studied chamber music with Ernesto Cobelli and Pedro Saenz, harmony and counterpoint with Magda Garcia Robson and Tirso de Olazabal, and the Orff method of musical pedagogy with Ernesto Epstein.  In addition to her degree, she has earned certificates in Elementary Musical Education, Philosophy of Education in the “New Pedagogy,” Musical Education for Kindergarten, Choir in Elementary School, Music in the Curriculum, Eurhythmics of Jacques Dalcroze, and Psychological Techniques for Musical Education.  She is a member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California.  Her students have competed in local and international competitions with distinction.